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About Dr. Olga Filippa Nel

Dr. Olga Filippa Nel holds a PhD in Psychology from the University of South Africa. She is a licensed and registered Clinical Psychologist in private practice with educational training and experience and an International  Associate of the American Psychologists’ Association, as well as a member of the Zimbabwe Psychologists’ Association.

Her work, which spans almost two decades, includes therapeutic interventions and coaching for children, adolescents and adults with a CBT focus, the administration and interpretation of psychometric measures in educational and clinical contexts, talks to various professions and the public and life-skills lessons. She is also a part-time lecturer at Arrupe Jesuit University, in Harare, Zimbabwe, an examiner for the University of South Africa, has been published academically and has spoken at several local and international conferences.

She is a co-founder and co-ordinator of the Zimbabwe School Counsellors Group, organising development and training talks. In the aftermath of Cyclone Idai and during the Covid-19 Pandemic, she launched the initiative Counsellors on Call to offer support to those affected. She has recently been appointed psychological advisor to the Italian Embassy in Zimbabwe to assist during the COVID-19 crisis and is running a support hotline for Italian nationals.

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Oncocare Centre, 1 Walmer Drive, Newlands, Harare, Zimbabwe

+263 772 310361

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