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As I think, so I experience. As I do, so I become.

Behaviour and thoughts can shape who we are, how we act, how we experience our world, and ultimately, who we become. Their power cannot be underestimated.

If we let our minds be invaded by ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts), those that tell us that we are not good enough, not lovable, incomplete, and so on, we create a reality that reflects those voices.

If we allow a negative thought to linger unchallenged in our brain, it acts like a magnet, and within 20 seconds it will attract another confirming one, which in turn will attract more, every 20 seconds. A veritable Chinese checkerboard of negativity!

Consequently, if you think negatively, you will experience the world accordingly, and, in turn, you will behave in response to the dark environment you have created, giving the ANTs more and more power over you. Your self-esteem, your confidence, your motivation, and your mood will be affected.

The great news is that this is all happening in your mind, therefore, you have the power and the choice to change it. Identify and challenge your ANTs as soon as they pop into your mind, they are driven by emotion, not logic and consequently not a true reflection of reality. Replace them with a more objective thought. For example, “this is too hard for me” could become “this is challenging but I can do it”.

Your thoughts are powerful. If you shape them to suit your goals and ambitions, everything becomes possible!

Live mindfully and blossom.

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